Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Brief Arguments against God and Religion

These are tweets or adaptions from tweets and are offered as brief arguments for Atheism.

How can the slow torturous death of a first century mystic help anyone, let alone save the world?

If God wants to be my friend why does he encourage so much genocide in the Bible. Sorry I don't want that kind of friend.

If God did exist what would he say to the honest Atheist at the gates of heaven- "You should have lied and pretended to believe

There's no more evidence for God than Santa Claus. The strange think is that some adults think it makes sense to believe
in one and not the other.

If those who use God as the explanation for what is Good, are to be honest, they must also use him to explain what is bad.
That outweighs the good.

The genius of Douglas Adams was well illustrated in his Atheism http://www.positiveatheism.org/hist/quotes/douglas.htm

Atheism is the only honest response to the confusion caused by religions without evidence.

Atheism is the the natural outcome of honestly examining how the World is. The idea of God has neither has no foundation in reality.

Hatred of Atheists is the last refuge of those who have no intelligent justification for their belief system.

you think God gives you what you pray for, you need to explain why he ignores the cries of starving children and allowed the holocaust.

An Agnostic on the border of Atheism is someone gradually emerging into the light of reason.

If Atheism is a religion so is the non belief in Santa Claus.

The Atheist can't find God for the same reason no one can find the Tooth Fairy. Neither exists.

If God exists why did he give humanity enough free will for genocide but not to solve world hunger?

When someone says they love God, what do they mean? Aren't they just saying that they love their own imagined ideal being.

There is no relationship between belief and reality. Believing something makes it neither true or false.

If God exists and is all powerful and knowing, he intentionally created humans knowing they were more likely to kill than feed the world

To compare religion to Atheism is like comparing a tsunami to a calm sunny afternoon. The absence of terrible weather is not another storm

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