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Reviews of my book Freedom from Religion.

 Reviews of Freedom From Religion  by Noel McGivern

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5.0 out of 5 stars If you read "The God Delusion" - Read this... 14 Nov 2013
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This is a `must read' for atheists and a `should read' for theists. Noel McGivern starts each concise chapter from the position of the religious apologist and forensically dissects their arguments to expose the flaws. Even if you already have a good repertoire of responses to common tropes like "what about the evil atheists" or "Religion's not the problem, it's political", McGivern's approach adds another level of clarity. I particularly liked the way he argues against attempts to decouple religious identity from religious belief as so often happens in media reports about sectarian conflicts.
The book is structured in short self-contained chapters which render it useful for quickly locating an argument for a particular apologetic, so especially for those new to debating the odds about religion it would be an invaluable resource and reference work.
Freedom from Religion also tackles, albeit superficially, philosophical and theological concepts of ontology epistemology and the problem of evil sufficiently well to give a springboard for further study to those so inclined and the book is liberally supplied with citations to sources of greater depth. The same is also true of the treatment of creationism vs. evolution which generated my only minor quibble in that there were a couple of generalisations about evolutionary theory that raised my eyebrows somewhat. But this is not intended as a science primer and the book more than succeeds in its primary function of highlighting why freedom of religion should also entail freedom from religion. Put it on your bookshelf next to Dawkins and Harris.

5.0 out of 5 stars The 5th Horseman 13 Nov 2013
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I have read both The God Delusion and God is not Great. I agree with the previous review that this book is not only on a par, but better as it is far easier to read.

I particularly like the clinical way the author takes each point and dissects them piece by piece. The usual outcome is that the patient (religion) is terminally ill.

I would dare any theist to read this book and still have complete faith in their delusion.

5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent read 12 Nov 2013
Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase
Thoroughly enjoyed reading Freedom from Religion. Each chapter is succinct and to the point and demonstrates how harmful religion is.

Easier to digest than 'The God Delusion' and more concise than 'God is not Great', Noel McGovern's book deserves to stand shoulder to shoulder with Dawkins and Hitchens' work.

The chapter (7) on the author's personal experience with Catholicism gives a poignancy and authenticity to his views throughout the text.

Using quotes from religious texts to evidence how contradictory, hypocritical and unpleasant they are will make uncomfortable reading for even the most devout theists.

The only minor criticism is that one or two of the chapters are a little too short, but that's only nit-picking. A thoroughly enjoyable and thought provoking read.

5.0 out of 5 stars Absolute must read November 17, 2013
By bruce
Format:Paperback|Amazon Verified Purchase
Noel McGiverns Freedom from Religion for me is invaluable because it's mainly a
recounting of decades of Noel's personal and cultural wrestle with religious abuse.
Beautifully written, an absolute must read. Hopefully a blueprint for many more personal accounts to come.

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